Drill/Deburr Operator

Production - Manufacturing
North Hollywood, CA, US
Job ID: 22045
Job Type: Full-time
Date Posted: 2019-06-10 21:29:27

Summary:  Completely and independently operates single spindle drill press to perform precise and complex machining operations as drilling, countersinking, spot facing, and tapping holes in metal work pieces. Also operates deburring machines and equipment to assure product specification by performing the following duties.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities: include the following:

  • Reads blueprint or job order and tooling instructions for specifications such as hole locations and size, feed rates, cutting speeds, and cutting tools to be used.

  • Lifts work piece manually or with hoist, places it in fixture or jig or on machine table, and secures it with clamps or holds it in position under spindle.

  • Engages power or automatic feed or manually operates feed lever to feed tool to specified depth in work piece.

  • Turns valve handle to start flow of coolant against tool and work piece or dips tool in cutting oil prior to mounting.

  • Verifies conformance of machined work pieces to specifications.

  • Positions and secures drilling jig to guide cutting tool.

  • Tilts table or spindle to machine holes at specified angles.

  • Uses deburring equipment to remove burrs and assure proper finish to work piece

  • Works on various types of metallic materials.