Radiographer A/B - LPC-S/071 (Swing)

Inspection - NDT/Dimensional
Portland, OR, US
Job ID: 22309
Req ID: PCC-US.224093
Job Type: Full-time
Date Posted: 2019-06-28 03:46:56

Job Description *



To produce radiographs to customer and PCC specifications for evaluation of castings.


1. Setup

Objective: to accurately set up castings for radiography.

Essential Job Functions:

       A. Checks routing or requests to determine x-ray needs on parts.
       B. Reviews Technique Cards to determine setup requirements, including x-ray techniques, part positions and film requirements based on Techniques Cards.
       C. Sets up additional radiographs of defect areas not covered by Technique Cards.
       D. Prepares daily film requests for darkroom based on production schedules and Technique Cards.
       E. Sets up castings on tables in x-ray machines including fixturing, placement of film cassettes, and placement of nameplate identification and penetrameters on film; sets exposures.
       F. Determines priority of radiographs to be taken.
       G. Develops setup requirements for new techniques when needed.

 Other (marginal) Job Functions

 H. Visually inspects castings for dirt, penetrant, etc.

 2. X-Ray Operation

 Objective: to effectively and accurately operate x-ray machines and produce radiographs within customer specifications.

 Essential Job Functions:

       A. Operates x-ray machine control panels and equipment to take multiple views of castings, adjusting radiographic variables such as tube height, voltage and exposure times within customer specifications.

       B. Regularly conducts more than one radiographic examination concurrently, and is expected to be able to operate all machines.
       C. Removes table from machine, takes film cassettes to darkroom for processing.
       D.After darkroom processing, checks samples of radiographs on each casting for clarity, coverage, density and sensitivity; makes changes within customer and PCC specifications; records any
       changes made; reshoots films when needed.

 3. Technique Card Preparation (NDTE Departments, LSBO X-ray Dept. and LSBO backend teams only)

 Objective: to document inspection methods and prepare Technique Card''s information for use by Production Radiographers and NDT Engineering.

 Essential Job Functions:

       A.Completes setup photos and explicit, clear instructions for use by Production Radiography.
       B.Identifies densities, voltages and other parameters for inclusion in Technique Cards.
       C.Troubleshoots and simplifies assigned problem areas in inspection Technique Cards to streamline inspection operations.
       D.Works on evaluation of new processes involving x-ray Techniques.

   4.Trains and assists level B Radiographers with setup and operational techniques as needed and assigned. (Marginal job function in NDTE departments)
       5.Completes logs and records, and records any modifications to Technique Card specifications.
       6.Meets all production and quality standards.

 7. Safety

 Objective: to take responsibility for and demonstrate safe work practices; to comply with PCC radiation safety practices.

 Essential Job Functions:
       A.Adheres to plant and department safety rules.
       B.Safely operates all equipment and tools.
       C.Identifies and reports safety problems.

       8. Performs other tasks as directed, including darkroom and other x-ray department personnel activities. (Darkroom operator activities are essential job functions at LSBS II.)


 1.x-ray machines
       3.pallet jacks
       5.styrofoam blocks
       6.wooden wedges and blocks
       7.straps and chains
       9.high intensity film viewing light
       10.lead back-ups
       12.levels, protractors, rulers, tape measure, angle finders processor cassettes
       17.cameras (35 mm, box and Polaroid) NDTE departments only


       1. Training is provided on the job.
       2. Radiography Level 1 Courses must be completed
       3. Radiographer Level l Certification must be completed.
       4. Must re-certify - Level 1 every three years.


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