CNC Equipment Operator A

Production - Manufacturing
Jenkintown, PA, US
Job ID: 18776
Req ID: NC404.1
Job Type: Full-time
Date Posted: 2018-08-17 13:35:50



  • Set-up and operate any of the above machines, but normally specialize on one type. 
  • Perform work of limited complexity. 
  • Set-up and run most of the work, but not the most difficult or complex. 
  • Work from bar stock, forgings, blanks or second operations. 
  • Obtain assistance with some errors and corrections as required. 
  • Perform hand finishing and deburring work as directed. 
  • Make all necessary control and offset changes. 
  • Grind and dress special tooling for own setup or others. 
  • Use a wide variety of gages and measuring instruments to assure blueprint requirements. 
  • Occasionally set-up for or assist others. 
  • Carry out first piece inspection procedures, quality audits and repair work. 
  • Update pan tags and complete production reporting forms. 
  • Perform lubrication and preventive maintenance.    



  • Maintain work areas in a clean, safe and orderly condition. 
  • Adhere to established safety regulations within the department assigned. 
  • Perform other duties as necessary or appropriate to the position.



  • The incumbent must have the ability to perform all essential functions of the position with or without reasonable accommodations. 
  • Must have demonstrated proficiencies in skills and essential functions required for a N/C Equipment Operator B position and presently operate or have ability to operate listed machines and equipment with routine training and follow written and verbal instructions.



  • Demonstrate general communication skills such as reading pan tags, reporting production data and receiving job instructions and procedures.
  • Knowledge of arithmetic such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, including decimals and fractions, simple use of formulas, charts, tables, drawings, specifications and schedules.
  • Ability to use fixed gages and direct reading instruments and devices in which interpretation is not required (e.g. borescope, gage blocks, go/no go gages, plug gages, ring gages, scale (6” or 12’), scale (weight), snap gages)
  • Must remain alert through diversified operations.
  • Must follow general instructions and standard methods and procedures.  



MACHINE & EQUIPMENT: Cincinnati Milacron CIMX720,  Cinturn8, Hardinge, Hitachi-Seki, Hitachi 20SII Lathe, Lynx, Mazak, Puma, Wasino LG 7

TOOLS: Carbide and high speed steel turning, boring, facing, threading, drilling, reaming, tapping and milling tools and cutters.  Variety of personal hand tools, wrenches, micrometers, vernier calipers, 6” and 12” scale, etc.

MATERIALS: Any machinable material including high temperature alloys, titanium and multiphase.

WORK GUIDES & INSTRUCTIONS: Method sheets, work drawings, customer blueprints, tool layouts, N/C program print outs, and general instructions.

TOLERANCES & FINISHES: Machine to tolerances of .001 and surface finish of 20 M.I.


Our organization has a responsibility to comply with all applicable requirements set forth by International Traffic Arms Regulations (“ITAR”, 22 CFR 120-130). As such, this position may have access to ITAR controlled information and must meet eligibility requirements to work in the United States.

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