Master Tool & Die Maker

Santa Ana, CA, US
Job ID: 18884
Req ID: PCC-US.202749
Job Type: Full-time
Date Posted: 2018-08-27 16:04:05

Tool Maker

Position Summary:
Construct, develop and repair machine metal work pieces such as patterns and machines, tool, or die parts.  A variety of machine tools are used such as radial drill press, lathes, milling machines, shapers and grinders.

C o m pen t e n c y R e q u i r e m e n t s:

 Master Level:
* Performs all competency requirements, including the following;
* Machine Set-Up: Competent in the set up and operation of all standard department equipment such as but not limited to: lathes, milling machines, drill presses, shapers, saws and grinders.  

Set-Up includes:
o A complete understanding of machine tool speeds and feeds to effectively and efficiently machine, drill, ream, bore and grind a variety of tool steels.
o Ability to assemble tools and dies to specifications.
o Verify conformance of machined parts to blueprint specifications using standard tools such as micrometers and calipers.
* Training and Development:  Ability to train others in all functions of the department, including:
o Safety (PPE, JHA, MSDS, Haz-Com, Hand Tools, Lockout/Tagout, Emergency Evacuation, Showers/Eye Wash, Injury Reporting Procedure)
o Machine Set-Up & Operation
o 6S/Department Procedures/Standard Work
o Paperwork/Documentation
o Quality Expectations (e.g. AS9100 standards, Standard Work and the Die Repair Tracking System)
* Productivity and Quality:
o Maintains a quality and productivity rating within the top 20% for the department.
o Zero scrap and re-work on a consistent basis

Standard Level:
* Machine Set-Up& Operation:  Independently sets up and operates all department machines.  Set-Up includes:
o Operates standard machine shop equipment for the manufacturing of basic tools and dies.
* Workmanship: Demonstrated ability to independently identify and take appropriate action to prevent or correct  the following:
o Burrs relating to punch and die misalignment
o Galling
o Evaluate strips for die repair
o Sharpen and shim punches and dies as required.
o Make basic tooling in conformance to print specifications.
o Changeover and setup production dies to part print specifications.
o Inspect tools
o Full knowledge of machine shop safety and etiquette.
* Basic Math: Demonstrated ability to perform the following types of calculations:
o Basic Math
o Geometry
o Trigonometry
o Blanking and forming tonnage calculations.
o Spring travel and pressure calculations.
o Calculate punch to die clearances.
* Basic Visual and Dimensional Inspection:  Demonstrated ability to inspect parts reliably using the following tools: 
o caliper (dial and digital)
o micrometer
o comparator
o pin gage
o dial Indicator
o gage block set
o other functional gages
* Blueprint Reading & Interpretation: Demonstrated ability to reliably read and interpret the following:
o Drawing terms
o Call-outs
o Symbols and/or descriptions
o Types of lines
o Front, top, side, and section view
o Types of radii
o Tolerances (min and max)
o External and internal threads.
o Surface finish
o GD&T
* Quality Documentation: Demonstrated knowledge of and compliance with quality system and documentation requirements, including:
o Routers
o BOM’s and Picklists
o Blueprints and Part prints
o Manufacturing procedures & Work Instructions
o Quality procedures (e.g. AS9100 standards, Inspection of Tools and Dies.
* Productivity and Quality:
o Consistently meets overall quality standards.
o Minimal scrap and re-work on a consistent basis.

Position Accountabilities:

1. Manufacture and repair tools and dies as required.

2. Ensures that tools, dies and stampings are made to required specifications.
3. Accurately builds, repairs, and debugs stamping dies.
4. Ability to communicate affectively. (Demonstrated interpersonal skills)
5. Demonstrated “team” mentality- teamwork requirements.
6. Active contribution to process and department improvements.
7. Active participation in leadership by example.
8. Be a self starter.
9. Maintains a clean and safe work area.
10. Maintains preventive maintenance on equipment, dies and tools. Cleans and lubricates machines as required.

11. Solicits work from management team when necessary and elevates issues as required.
12. Complies with all environmental safe practices and regulations.  Reads all MSDS’ and possesses thorough knowledge of all oil, steel and chemical labeling and storage requirements.
13. Performs other related duties as assigned or requested.

Position Qualifications:
* High school or equivalent/ Trade school
* State accredited apprenticeship certification or 10+ years related experience highly preferred

* Mechanical aptitude
* Ability to read and interpret blueprints
* Ability to enter data into automated system as required (e.g. MRP)
* Inspection: Visual and manual
* Ability to accurately use inspection equipment (e.g. micrometer, calipers, functional gages, comparators, etc.)
* Performs basic math with Geometry and Trigonometry calculations. Calculate punch to die clearances. Blanking and forming tonnage calculations. Spring travel and pressure calculations.
* Competent in the set up and operation of all standard machine shop equipment, (e.g. lathes, milling machines, drill presses saws and grinders)
* An understanding of power punch press functions (e.g. stroke, ram adjustment, shut height, pilot release and stock alignment)
* Follows verbal and written instructions
* Attention to detail
* Ability to accurately complete standard work
* Safety conscious
* Ability to identify and resolve clearly defined problems
* Ability to communicate all issues, concerns or questions to management
* Flexible in duties, work-flow, and priorities
* Ability to work over-time as required

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