All Around Machinist / Production Machinist

Production - Manufacturing
Ontario, CA, US
Job ID: 19605
Req ID: 172756.3
Job Type: Full-time
Date Posted: 2018-10-23 17:08:16

Set up and operate machine tools such as numerical control and manual lathes and machining centers to machine high strength super alloys and other metals. Reads blueprint or job order for product specifications such as dimensions and tolerances, and tooling instructions such as fixtures, feed rates, cutting speeds, depth of cut, and determines sequence of operations. Selects, positions, and secures tool in tool holder (chuck, collet, or tool post). Positions and secures workpiece in holding device, machine table, chuck, centers, or fixtures. Moves controls to position tool and workpiece in relation to each other, and to set specified feeds, speeds, and depth of cut. Sets up fixtures or feeding device, starts machine, and turns handwheel to feed tool to workpiece or vice sersa, and engages feed. Turns valve handle to direct flow of coolant or cutting oil against tool and workpiece. Observes operation of machine and verifies conformance of machined workpiece to specifications and records dimensions.