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Job Type: Internship / Development program
Date Posted: 2018-11-07 14:17:17

In summary: massive challenge, real responsibility, projects that matter, visibility to senior management, training, support and mentoring. Our MDPs told us, 'This is four year's development in 2 ! '.

The Precision Castparts' (PCC) Management Development Program (MDP) is designed to provide an intense opportunity to learn PCC's business and assume a leadership position within the company.

Training the next generation of leaders is essential to our continued success as an industry leader, so we have made this programme into what we think is one of the best in the industry.

With numerous manufacturing facilities throughout Europe, participants of the MDP will need to relocate as assigned. Although we try to keep relocating to a minimum you can expect to relocate at least once.

MDP participants rotate through two Divisions and at least four positions over a 24-month training period. The rotations include on-the-job assignments that provide maximum exposure to PCC's operations.

Quality is not a negotiable item in our business; it is a given. Our customers expect it, but, more importantly, we expect it of ourselves. Quality is equally important in the people that we hire. We look for high standards, examples of leadership, dedication to quality, attention to detail, excellent organizational skills, creativity, integrity and tha ability to thrive under pressure.

We believe the most preferable candidates hold 2.1 or better degree in: Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, or Materials Science. (Most of our MDPs have engineering qualifications at Masters level.)

They are also be able to demonstrate leadership qualities and have spent some time in a manufacturing / engineering environment, perhaps on industrial placement or vacation work. We expect our leaders to be hands on and to really understand what happens on the shop floor, so if you haven't already spent time working in a plant, we won't consider you.

Performance Evaluation and Compensation
The MDP is designed for participants to succeed, but the standards for success are high. The performance of our MDPs is reviewed on a semi-annual basis. Each participant is assigned a mentor who supports the participant throughout the program and an assignment supervisor for each rotation. In Europe the MDPs are also supported by a Corporate Director who specialises in leadership development. Together they lead the MDPs through a structured curriculum of development which includes the principles of Lean manufacture, Theory of Constraints as well as managing and leadership.

MDP base salary and benefits are amongst the best in the industry. Bear in mind, you will be earning it!

Future Employment
PCC is a strong company and has remarkable career opportunities; MDP participants are uniquely positioned to take advantage of better than average career growth opportunities.

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