Core Maker - DCA/828

Production - Manufacturing
Milwaukie, OR, US
Job ID: 22064
Req ID: PCC-US.223933
Job Type: Full-time
Date Posted: 2019-06-12 16:25:43

Job Description *


This is a swing shift position, Wed-Sat, at our Deer Creek facility.


To prepare complex soluble and ceramic cores for use in the wax molding process; cleans, modifies, inspects, kits and repairs soluble and ceramic cores in accordance with quality standards. Cleans and restores complex cores which may require use of dimensional tools for the wax molding process. Assist with the operation of the leach tank.



Cleaning:  To complete cleaning and dimensional restoration as required on complex soluble and ceramic cores to conform to visual and dimensional specifications on technique cards and assist in the generation of those technique cards.
 1.Removes and/or repairs all substandard surface irregularities to meet required surface tolerance requirements, using a variety of hand tools and materials.
 2.Fills or patches negatives using molten soluble wax, paint wax, and other tools and materials.
 3.Modifies soluble cores using various hand tools and wax materials.
 4.Completes dimensional integrity restoration and plugging of holes per technique cards.
 5.Adds wax gordy buttons and/or plastic chalets per technique cards.
 6.Inspects work and reworks for compliance with quality standards.


Repairing:  To fix damaged soluble cores in order to restore product to dimensionally acceptable condition.

A. Fills voids and reforms damaged contours by filling and shaping molten wax to its original contour.


Support Leach Tank:   Support leach tank operations through sealing and preparing patterns for leach.
 1.Removes all positive chill locators.
 2.Fill all chill locator holes using extruded waxes, injected waxes, and molten wax.
 3.Burns all chills locators using hot pencils and other tools.
 4.Apply stickers where applicable based on technique card instructions.
 5.Paint, seal, and scrape all chill locators using paint wax, eye dropper, scrapers, dental picks, and other tools.
 6.May be required to assist in recharging tanks.


Other Duties:
 1.Must meet all production and quality standards per department standards.
 2.Accurately record and document work performed.
 3.Provide training and work direction to less experienced personnel as assigned.
 4.Safely operate all equipment and tools.
 5.Identifies and reports safety problems.
 6.Must comply with all applicable safety requirements, policies and procedures while maintaining a clean, safe, and orderly work environment.  Must participate in required training, medical monitoring, safety and health evaluations and programs.
 7.Regular and predictable attendance.
 8.Required overtime.
 9.Performs other tasks as directed.


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