Electrician I

Grafton, MA, US
Job ID: 22986
Req ID: 22986
Job Type: Full-time
Date Posted: 2019-08-23 18:23:50

Wyman-Gordon, located in Grafton MA, is a major industrial manufacturer serving a wide range of industries including aerospace, power generation, and industrial businesses. Wyman-Gordon Grafton is a 1 million sq. ft. manufacturing facility with a 50,000 ton press, 35,000 ton press and 18,000 ton press for large titanium, steel and inconel closed die forgings.  This growing, $300+ million profit center is part of a highly successful, multi-billion $ (NYSE) diversified manufacturer. Precision Castparts Corporation (PCP).

Electrician I

Job Summary: 

Install, repair and maintain all types of electrical machinery, equipment and facilities throughout the entire plant.


Working Procedure: 

  1. Receive job assignments form foreman of leader.
  2. Inspect, repair and maintain electrical part of all machinery and equipment in plant.
  3. Do all necessary electrical work for installation of any kind of machinery or equipment, including such items as substations and data process equipment.
  4. Perform any required electrical work in installation of new buildings and facilities or rebuilding, changing and maintaining of existing facilities.
  5. Make preventive maintenance inspections on equipment as required, doing minor repairs on spot, and listing any work that should be done to prevent breakdowns or improper operation.
  6. Rebuild electrical and electronic equipment such as solenoid coils, switches, contactors, relays, radios and all types and sizes of motors.
  7. Use variety of testing equipment to check for load, voltage, grounds, leakage, etc.
  8. Design and make parts for specific jobs.
  9. Repair and maintain small tools and equipment.
  10. Includes all forging, trimming, and straightening presses, saws, die sinking machines, numerical control machines, magnaflux units, welders, cranes, furnaces, laboratory and research equipment, door operators, elevators, substations, generators, etc.
  11. Study electrical drawings, manuals and parts lists, analyze defective operation and make necessary repairs including repair or replacement of necessary parts.
  12. Rewire or make necessary alterations to existing electrical circuits to fit specific needs for machine or equipment operation.
  13. Required to have Electrician’s Journeyman’s license.