Second Shift Production Machinist

Gardena, CA, US
Job ID: 23485
Req ID: 559, 560, 561
Job Type: Full-time
Date Posted: 2019-10-11 19:05:28

Position Summary:
Level One: Level one production machinists/operators, under direct supervision, load and unload parts in operation of 3-5 axis CNC mill or lathe machine cells to produce complex machined aerospace parts. Level one machinists are responsible for in process inspection of machined product, which requires basic competencies in shop math, hand measuring tools and documentation, as well as basic print reading. Level one machinists are responsible for some deburr operations as well as basic preventative machine maintenance, which includes coolant and lube levels and area cleanliness. Typically 0-2 years of experience.
Primary Duties & Responsibilities:
 Work safely under functional safety guidelines such as PPE and equipment interaction.
 Load and unload product to be machined in a number of fixtures and operations.
 Protect machines and machined product by following processes and procedures such as part loading, being in control of the machine, and safely transporting product over short distances.
 Perform and record in process inspection actions such as measuring and validating part features in light of customer supplied dimensional tolerances and specifications.
 Perform basic deburr operations such as edge breaking and light surface blending using a number of deburr tools and media.
 Interact with production tracking tools such as Avante or E1 to charge time to job orders and claim parts at the end of the shift.
 Perform SPC as required.

Required Skills:
 The ability to read and write English.
 An introductory competence in shop math such as working with fractions and decimals.
 A basic knowledge of inspection tools and their proper use.
 A basic knowledge of hand tools and mechanical application regarding nuts and bolts.
 A basic knowledge of part holding methods and procedures.
 A basic knowledge of deburr tools and methods.
 The ability to interact with computers and CNC controls at a basic level.

Required Experience:
 This position requires basic experience working with mechanical processes and methods such as hand tools, and light equipment such as saws, drills and pneumatic tools.
 0-2 years of experience

Level of Education:
 GED or High School diploma preferred but not required.


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